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Short information about “Health” journal

    Health journal was founded in 1995 by Azerbaijan Medical University and by public charity association "Health". It was allowed by the Press Ministry (at that time) and was registered in Ministry of Justice. It is included to Registry of Higher Attestation Commission of Azerbaijan Republic.
    In November and December of 1995, first and second editions were published, in the next years 10 editions per year were published on a regular basis. In 2004 based on the recommendation of the editorial staff of journal it was expanded to 204 pages and based on this desicion 5 editions each year have been publishing on a regular basis since 2004. The articles in journal are published in Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian and English languages. Regardless of which language articles are written, it is given summarizes in Azerbaijan, Russian and English languages. Journal has ISBN 5-8035-0168-9 registration number. Articles should be published in 14 font size in Times New Roman Azlat for Azerbaijan language and in Times New Roman for English and Russian languages. It is required one example of article in writing and also an electronic version (CD) of article. Articles should be no more than 10 pages, 4 images and 4 tables. It is essential to present the article with signature of head of organisation or scientific supervisor, also notification with signature of head of organisation.

     The editorial staff of journal is not responsible for the accuracy of the materials published in journal. Readers feedback on articles are published in the "Discussion" part of journal after being reviewed by the editorial staff. The jounal articles are published on the following headings:

1. Front articles
2. Lectures
3. Literature reviews
4. Original articles
5. Experimental medicine
6. Health Organization
7. Pharmacy problems
8. Help to practical doctor
9. Clinic observations

    The articles are sending to journal from different countries, such as Turkey, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
The journal is sending to libraries of some CİS countries and also to libraries of Azerbaijan Republic.

     The editorial staff of journal is selected from well-known scientists. 8 of them are honored scientist, 2 of them are active members (academician) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and 1 is corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences. The change is carried out with a rotation every 2 years.

Currently, the journal's editorial staff consists of the following persons:

1. Qalib.Sh.Garayev - Chief editor, Professor, Honored Scientist
Academician of the Russian Academy of
Medical Technical Sciences.
2. Adil B. Baxsheliyev - Professor, Doctor of Medicine.
3. Jamil A. Aliyev - Academician, honored scientist.
4. Ahliman T. Amiraslanov - Academician, honored scientist.
5. Alishir V. Musayev - Professor, Honored Scientist.
6. Ibraham I. Isayev - Professor, Honored Scientist.
7. Memmed Y. Nasirov - Professor, Honored Scientist.
8. Oktay K. Shiraliyev - Professor, Doctor of Medicine.
9. Orkhan R. Isayev - Philosophy Doctor
10. Sudeyf B. Imamverdiyev - Corresponding member of ANAS
11. Surkhay N. Musayev - Professor, Honored Scientist.
12. Vaqif B. Shadlinski - Academician of ASRF, Professor, Honored scientist.
13. Vasadat A. Azizov - Professor, Doctor of Medicine.

The editorial board is consist of 12 people and have been organized by scientists of countries such as Turkey, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

1. Avtan L. – Professor (Istanbul, Turkey)
2. Aliyev N.A. – Phd, Major-general of Medical Service (Baku, Azerbaijan)
3. Hasanov N.A. – Doctor of Medicine (Mingachevir, Azerbaijan)
4. Xuduyev A.M. – Professor (Baku, Azerbaijan)
5. Qurbanova C.F. – Professor (Baku, Azerbaijan)
6. Leonov B.I. – President of Medical Technical Academy of RF (Moscow, RF)
7. Mammedov A.Q. – PhD, Honored doctor (Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan)
8. Musayev K.K. – Doctor of Medicine (Baku, Azerbaijan)
9. Seysembayev M.A. – Academician of AS of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
10. Safarov A.M. – Doctor of Medicine (Baku, Azerbaijan)
11. Mahmudov R.M. – Doctor of Science (Baku, Azerbaijan)

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